Watertown CT-Real Estate Market Report for June 2015



What does the real estate market look like in Watertown, CT?Real estate prices in Watertown CT have continued to fluctuate between $175K and $250K over the past year, with the number of sales following their traditional pattern of climbing sales during the spring selling season. There are more homes than usual under deposit, and pending prices are slightly higher than average sales prices, which have climbed above the same level they were at last year. These factors, and the fact that days on market are still under 3 months, is a strong enticement for sellers thinking about putting their homes on the market.

 home values in Watertown CT

There are 127 single family Watertown CT homes for sale, with an median active home for sale in Watertown CTaverage listing price of $413,359 and a median listing price of $274,900.








median home under deposit in Watertown CT

There are 54 pending sales (under contract), with an average asking price of $232,623, a median asking price of $204,450, and an average of 99 days on market before accepting an offer.

 You can get a better sense of what the real estate market for Watertown CT looks like by viewing the information by zip code:

Zip code

Homes for Sale






median home sold in Watertown CT29homes were sold in Watertown CT in the month of June, with an average sale price of $214,703, a median sale price of $200,000, and averaging 86 days on market before accepting an offer. By comparison, in June 2014, 17homes were sold in Watertown CT, with an average sale price of $193,453, a median sale price of $179,000, and an average of 77 days on market before accepting an offer. This year’s figures represent an 11% increase in average sale prices, and an 11% increase in average days on market, from last year.




So, what does all this mean?Higher sales prices coupled with lower days on market says that buyers are seeing the value in homes that sellers in Watertown CT are asking for, and are willing to pay that value rather quickly. Sellers looking to capitalize on this buy putting their homes on the market should consult with a competent realtor who will provide a market analysis that shows the value of your home based on market conditions, and will give you advice on how to maximize your home’s curb appeal so that it attracts buyers willing to make acceptable offers on your home.



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For further information about the Watertown CT market and to determine if this is the right time to sell, call me at(203) 558-7463 to receive a free home evaluation and a list of tips that will help you prepare your home for sale. I look forward to discussing with you Watertown CT homes for sale.



©William James Walton, Sr. Market Report data provided by CTMLS. All data reported is accurate but not guaranteed at time of publication.


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