Wolcott CT

What does the real estate market look like in Wolcott CT? Real estate prices in Wolcott CT have been dropping rather steadily over the last year, despite a few attempts in the last few months to regain the high ground in prices. This has encouraged more buyers to purchase homes in the last few months and in a shorter space of time. The number of pending sales and average pending prices has also encouraged sellers to put their homes on the market, despite the decline in prices.

 home values in Wolcott CT

There are 107Wolcott CT homes for sale,median active home for sale in Wolcott CTwith an average listing price of $294,568and a median listing price $269,900.








median home under deposit in Wolcott CTThere are 54 pending sales (under contract), with an average asking price of $233,333, a median asking price of $222,400, and averaging 89 days on market before receiving an offer.







26homes were sold in Wolcott CT in the month of Junemedian home sold in Wolcott CT, with an average sale price of $195,188, a median sale price of $190,500, and an average of 43 days on market before accepting an offer. By comparison, in June 2014, 17homes were sold in Wolcott CT, with an average sale price of $208,342, a median sale price of $185,000, and an average of 43 days on market before accepting an offer.This year’s figures represent a 6% decrease in average sale prices, and a 80% decrease in average days on market, from last year. 



So, what does all of this mean? Lower prices overall resulted in more buyers making acceptable offers on properties to sellers, which in turn has prompted an increase in homes available to purchase. In order to capitalize on this, sellers, speak with a competent realtor who knows the real estate market in Wolcott CT, will price your home based on market conditions, and will help your home to attract buyers by giving you the advice that you need to present your home at its best.


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For more details about the Wolcott CT market and to determine if this is the right time to sell, call me at (203) 558-7463(203) 558-7463 to receive a free home evaluation and a list of tips that will help you prepare your home for sale. I look forward to discussing with you Wolcott CT homes for sale.



©William James Walton, Sr. Market Report data provided by CTMLS. All data reported is accurate but not guaranteed at time of publication.


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