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What does the real estate market look like in Watertown, CT? Sellers have much to be thankful for in Watertown CT, with average sales exceeding last years numbers in terms of homes sold and average sale prices. The number of homes under deposit is helping too, and days on market between pending sales and homes sold being on par with each other moving forward into the summer months.


There are 117 single family Watertown CT homes for sale, with an median active home for sale in Watertown CTaverage listing price of $405,230 and a median listing price of $264,900.









median home under deposit in Watertown CT

There are 61 pending sales (under contract), with an average asking price of $213,377, a median asking price of $209,000, and an average of 103 days on market before accepting an offer.

 You can get a better sense of what the real estate market for Watertown CT looks like by viewing the information by zip code:

Zip code

Homes for Sale






median home sold in Watertown CT22 homes were sold in Watertown CT in the month of May, with an average sale price of $246,413, a median sale price of $215,500, and averaging 100 days on market before accepting an offer. By comparison, in May 2014, 14 homes were sold in Watertown CT, with an average sale price of $227,975, a median sale price of $245,000, and averaging only 89 days on market before accepting an offer.




So, what does this all mean?Buyers have been taking a little over three months to act on properties that they have seen on the market. Sellers need to continue making their homes attractive not only in terms of price, but also by doing the things that it takes to wow buyers into making acceptable offers. Given that average pending prices are about 10% lower than current average sale prices, sellers should continue to exercise patience in this market and as long as they show buyers the value in their homes, prices should continue to rise.


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For further information about the Watertown CT market and to determine if this is the right time to sell, call me at(203) 558-7463 to receive a free home evaluation and a list of tips that will help you prepare your home for sale. I look forward to discussing with you Watertown CT homes for sale.


©William James Walton, Sr. Market Report data provided by CTMLS. All data reported is accurate but not guaranteed at time of publication.



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