Prospect CT

What does the real estate market look like in Prospect, CT? Sellers in Prospect CT should be pleased, as double the usual number of homes are under contract in May, and under two months on average. There are enough homes for sale so buyers do not yet have to scramble to catch the right house to buy before someone else, but that may change as the summer continues.


There are 62 single family Prospect CT homes for sale,median active home for sale in Prospect CT with an average listing price of $313,840 and a median listing price of $319,000.







median home under deposit in Prospect CTThere are 24 Pending sales (under contract), with an average asking price of $261,871, a median asking price of $272,950, and an average of 57 days on market before receiving an offer.







median home sold in Prospect CT6 homes were sold in Prospect CT in the month of May, with an average sale price of  $232,834, a median sale price of  $257,000, and an average of 90 days on market before receiving an acceptable offer. By comparison, in May 2014, 3 homes were sold in Prospect, with an average sale price of $241,667, a median sale price of $247,000, and an average of 97 days on market before receiving an offer.






So, what does this all mean? It simply says that buyers recognize the value of homes in Prospect CT, and sellers have not only correctly priced their homes, but have done everything they can to make sure that they receive an offer in a decent amount of time. There are still enough houses on the market for buyers to choose from, and as long as sellers in Prospect CT price their homes according to market values, they will receive offers.


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Are you looking to buy a home in Prospect CT? Click on Prospect CT homes for sale to search for homes in your price range.

For more details about the Prospect CT market and to determine if this is the right time to sell, call me at (203) 558-7463 to receive a free home evaluation and a list of tips that will help you prepare your home for sale. I look forward to discussing with you Prospect CT houses for sale.




 © William James Walton, Sr. Market Report data provided by CTMLS. All data is accurate but not guaranteed at time of publication.


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