It Is Up to You, Mr. Seller

It Is Up To You, Mr. Seller

So, Mr. Seller, you’ve made a decision that you want to sell your home. Scratch that. You’ve decided that you need to sell your home.

That’s great. You start looking at what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for. You research market statistics on homes that have sold. You peruse some websites that allow you to obtain a market analysis of your home. You go to Zillow to get some more information about the prices of similar homes in your area. You read the local newspaper, looking for tips on how to sell your home.

You’ve been gathering information for some time now, and you are weighing your options – do I use a realtor, or do I try to sell my home on my own? You evaluate all of the pros and cons of each avenue and you ultimately decide against selling it on your own and you decide to reach out to a few realtors – those whose sites you used to get a free evaluation from, and one who was recommended to you by a co-worker who recently sold his own home.

After speaking with all of the agents and listening to their presentations, you’ve settled on one agent. You just…clicked. He explained to you in detail his marketing strategy, established how he would communicate with you during the process, and provided his rather extensive resume of closed
transactions over the last several years.

So you ask the usual questions as you prepare to sign the listing agreement:

  • At what price should I list my home?
  • How long do you think it will take for
    the home to sell?
  • What should I do to make the home more
    appealing to buyers?
  • Will the house actually sell in this

My response to those questions? It is up to you, Mr. Seller.

The whole process of selling your home is dependent first and foremost on the attitude that you bring to the table. You established that you wanted and needed to sell your home, so your actions should be consistent with that motivation.

But you’re the Realtor. You’re the professional, so you should know the answers to my questions.

That is true, I am the professional. But consider this:

·        I performed a comparative market analysis of your home and came up with a suggested listing price range of $150,000-$160,000. Did you concur with my professional opinion supported by the market statistics, or did you insist that you needed $195,000 in order to place your home on the market?

·        I toured the home prior to our listing appointment and took some pictures. I made several suggestions that would improve the curb appeal of your home, and even provided you a list of vendors who could perform the needed repairs at a minimal cost to you, if you were unable to complete the repairs yourself. Did you follow through with my suggestions, or did you refuse to even trim the hedges and mow the lawn, let alone make any repairs?

·        I suggested de-cluttering several rooms and making some minor rearrangements of
furniture so that buyers could visualize the amount of space available. Did you take my advice, or ignore it altogether?

·        I informed you that the majority of buyers would be uncomfortable touring a home with
either one of us present, and that your schedule needed to be flexible in order to accommodate potential buyers who want to see your home. Did you make arrangements to vacate the premises during a showing, or did you insist on being present to meet each buyer, as well as unreasonably limiting the times in which your home could be shown?

Sellers, if you are serious about selling your home, only
you, based on the actions that you take, can determine whether your home sells
or not. Your actions during the selling process must be consistent with your
need to sell or your want to sell, and especially if you both need and want to
sell your home.

In the final analysis, Mr. Seller, whether your home sells
or not is entirely up to you.


















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