Bunker Hill Waterbury,CT Real Estate – Market Update July 2009

Here’s a look at the recent data for the real estate market in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Waterbury, CT:

Active Listings 4 4
New Listings 7
Average List Price $179,159
Median List Price $179,900
Average Sq. Ft. 1614
Median Sq. Ft. 1579

There are 44 active listings, and 7 new listings in the last 30 days. The average size of the homes for sale in the Bunker Hill section of Waterbury has remained the same in comparison to similar neighborhoods relative to the prices being asked for them. Here’s a breakdown of the prices in the neighborhood:

List Price Houses %
250,000 2 5

And here are the new homes available for sale in the Bunker Hill section of Waterbury, CT:

Address L/Price ADOM
58 ALYCE TER 314,900 7
111 DEERFIELD AVE 125,000 5
30 DELAWARE 210,000 6
82 PLAINFIELD DR 235,000 5
40 REVERE ST 214,900 3
20 SABAL DR 269,900 2
245 WESTMONT DR 189,900 7

Now, for a look at what has sold in the area:

Closed Listings – 7 Average Median
Days on Market 41 29
List Price $171,442 $ 176,900
Sale Price $167,678 $170,000
Sq. Ft. 1843 1608
LP/Sq. Ft. $98.83 $91.61
SP/Sq. Ft. $96.20 $86.04
SP/LP Ratio 97% 97%

Things have definitely improved for the Bunker Hill neighborhood in terms of days on market and sales price/list price ratios for homes sold, compared to previous months. A month and a half, on average, and the buyers are accepting, with a little modification, what can be considered to be reasonable asking prices. Or to look at it from another perspective: sellers have finally gotten it together and are pricing their homes to sell the first time they list it.

These were the seven homes that won the homes sold contest:

Address L/Price S/Price DOM
51 AURORA STREET 178,000 170,000 29
405 BUNKER HILL AVE 176,900 177,000 8
16 DELAWARE AVE 81,000 79,250 27
275 STODDARD RD 199,900 195,000 33
14 TREMONT 129,900 122,000 127
74 WOODSIDE AVE 159,900 156,000 9
105 WOODSIDE AVE 274,500 274,500 54

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Courtesy of William James Walton, Sr ., Realtor, Century21 Access America

Serving northern New Haven and southeastern Litchfield Counties ( Waterbury , Wolcott, Prospect, Naugatuck , Middlebury, Southbury, Watertown and Plymouth )


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